The Restitution of Jesus Christ is the most thorough book to ever biblically challenge the traditional view that Jesus is God. Yet it affirms all other major church teachings about Jesus, including his virgin birth, atonement, resurrection, and ascension. Written from a conservative view of the inspiration of the Bible, it affirms the historical integrity of the four New Testament gospels, from which we derive almost all we know of Jesus.

The book begins with an Introduction. Chapters 2-3 provide over 100 pages of the history of identity Christology (the study of the identity of Jesus as the Christ). Chapter 4 is about the Old Testament and Judaism. The remainder of the book addresses mostly the exegesis of the major New Testament passages which have commonly been believed to support the view that Jesus was and is God. These texts are John 1.1c, 18; 20.28; Romans 9.5; Philippians 2.6-11; 2 Thessalonians 1.12; Titus 2.13; Hebrews 1.8-9; 2 Peter 1.1; 1 John 5.20. This material is arranged in chapters according to biblical authors. Thus, chapters are titled Christology of the Synoptists, Christology of John, Christology of Paul, etc.

The Restitution of Jesus Christ is written for the general reading public. So, it has no technical jargon and provides a glossary. Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek words are transliterated and translated. Footnotes, not endnotes, will appeal to students, and discursive notes are minimal. The bibliography shows that the book cites over 400 scholars, most of whom are recognized authorities in their specialized fields of expertise.

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