Reviews of The Restitution of Jesus Christ (RJC) in chronological order. STE=Servetus the Evangelical.

Professor Scot McKnight obtained his PhD under the tutelage of Dr. James D.G. Dunn at the University of Nottingham, England. (Since 1980, Dunn arguably has been the world's leading authority on Christology. Dunn was our keynote speaker the first year, 2000, of the annual Kermit Zarley Lectures at North Park University, Chicago, IL.) McKnight then became Professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Chicago, from 1981 to 1994. From 1994 to 2012, he was Professor in Religious Studies and director of the Bible department at North Park University, Chicago. Scot is now Professor of New Testament at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary near Chicago.

Dr. Scot McKnight has been a close friend of mine since 1991. In 2011, he had authored over thirty theological books. His Jesus Creed is an award-winning best-seller. The online Theopedia article about him says, "McKnight specializes in historical Jesus studies as well as the Gospels and the New Testament. As an authority in Jesus studies, McKnight has been frequently consulted by Fox News, WGN, US News & World Report, Newsweek, TIME, as well as newspapers throughout the United States." For about seven years, Scot was one of the panel members of the prestigious "Historical Jesus Section" of the Society of Biblical Literature along with 6-8 other panel members who included James D.G. Dunn, N.T. Wright, Ed Sanders, Marcus Borg, and John Domminic Crossan. These scholars were, and still are, recognized as being among the leading Jesus researchers in the world.

Before my RJC book was released, McKnight, who is also a smooth and powerful swinging professor of the golf links, read and then wrote eloquently and cleverly of The Restitution of Jesus Christ, saying, "The wedge driven by Martin Kahler between the historical Jesus and the kerygmatic Christ was, according to Kermit Zarley, mishit. Instead, the wedge of misinterpretation needs to be driven between the New Testament's depiction of God's Son and the ecclesiastical Christ, the portrait of Jesus as redrawn by Christians under the influence of Platonic and Neo-Platonic philosophical categories. Readers of the New Teatment and historians of Jesus should recognize this important thesis. In addition, Zarley combines a high view of Scripture with a thoroughly human Jesus and lands with a square stance on a unique tee box--an unusual form of unitarian theology. No one can read this book without being challenged."

Professor James Tabor has been the Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte since 1989. Before that, he held positions at the University of Notre Dame (1979-85) and the College of William and Mary (1985-89). Dr. Tabor specializes in ancient Judaism and Christian origins. He is the author of several books, including bestsellers by Simon and Schuster. He also conducts significant archaeological work in the Holy Land, is often consulted by the media, and sometimes appears on national television networks.

Dr. Tabor reviewed The Restitution of Jesus Christ on his TaborBlog on August 29, 2009, in an article entitled Viagra online canada with prescription In it, he reminisces about the brilliant Michael Servetus and then says of The Restitution of Jesus Christ, "I obtained a copy and have to say I am much impressed. It runs 600 pages, is thoroughly researched and documented, and fully in touch with the massive amount of scholarly discussion currently available on the 'Christology of the New Testament'.... he has surely done his homework." Weeks later Tabor emailed a friend about my book, further saying of it, "this work by our modern Servetus is a mortal wound to the doctrine of the Trinity.... it is a towering work that will stand for a long time to come."

Bassam Zawadi was born in Syria and has been a worldwide Muslim apologist and public debater who used to live in Houston, Texas, my former hometown. He is now married and resides in Saudi Arabia. Bassam, whom I have never met in person, gives my RJC book a sterling review on his website at  Cialis price melbourne_.

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Barbara Buzzard is the wife of Anthony Buzzard. On 3/1/10, she reviewed RJC in an online article.

The Journal is a newsletter produced by The Churches of God denomination. In issue #136, Art Mokarow provides a brief review of my RJC book. Here are a few excerpts from it: "The Restitution of Jesus Christ, after 25 years of research by Kermit Zarley,... has to carry some weight of truth.... detailed and precise ... garnering every new piece of knowledge produces an excitement and pleasure because the truth becomes obvious.... Kermit Zarley's book The Restitution of Jesus Christ is a must for basic Bible study."

David Burke is an Australian pastor and prominent teacher of the Christadelphian Church. It is a 150-year old, anti-Trinitarian denomination of 60,000+ members (mostly in the UK and Australia) that has always advocated Biblical Unitarianism--that Jesus is Savior and Lord but not God, so only the Father is God. Burke has an online ministry--Bible Truth Discussion Forum. He had a lengthy, online debate in writing, called "the Great Trinity Debate," with Rob Bowman, co-author of Putting Jesus in His Place. (Bowman made this challenge to all on the web, held an election for visitors to select his opponent, and Anthony Buzzard and Yours Truly finished in the top five.) In June, 2010, Burke emailed me, saying, "I have nearly finished reading your book, The Restitution of Jesus Christ. It is superb; probably the best book on the Trinity by a non-Trinitarian that I have ever read. Your approach is thorough and systematic, but your style is very readable." On 12/1/15, Burke said on Facebook, "I bought a copy of Kermit's book in preparation for my debate with Rob Bowman in 2010. I recommend it highly; it's the best Unitarian apologetic on the market."

Diglot, the pen name of a Trinitarian blogger who specializes in reviewing theological books, makes the following remark in his online review of RJC, "this book is definitely the most comprehensive book that I have read about the doctrine of the deity of Christ from someone who denies it." See his review at Valacyclovir hcl 1 gram tablets

Dwayne Slater wrote, "I really like your books and can't wait for the next one."

Robin Todd, of Restoration Churches of God as well as Kingdom Heart Ministries, wrote, "Your book is great, very comprehensive. I've read it from cover to cover, and it's a good reference manual."

Stephen Hill, Christadelphian Church minister in South Australia, sent this review on 1/14/12: