Why am I using a pseudonym? It is mostly because, if Evangelical Christians knew of my Christological beliefs they would not accept me as a genuine Christian and ostracize me from the Evangelical community. That is why I have kept this matter quite secret. I have never desired to leave the Evangelical community, which has been my church home all of my adult life.

Yet I believe God has led me to write this book. Some people close to me have suggested that if I publish it, I should do so with a pseudonym. Their reasons are that I should try to avoid persecution from Christians and not inhibit opportunities to publish my other works.

I do not believe using a pseudonym, and thereby denying authorship, can properly be categorized as a lie in accordance with God's laws. For example, Rahab did God's will in lying to men sent by the King of Jericho, and God sent a spirit to lie to wicked King Ahab. Besides, authors have a legal and ethical right to use a pseudonym to disguise their identity. This is even truer if there is the possibility of religious persecution.

In fact, some early leaders of the Protestant Reformation, from which the Evangelical church community derives, wrote books using pseudonyms. Many did so to avoid being arrested by the Catholic Inquisitors and imprisoned or put to death as an alleged heretic. Michael Servetus and John Calvin, both former Roman Catholics, used pseudonyms in publishing some of their works.

I have chosen Servetus' name as part of my pseudonym because I agree with several major teachings which he adopted that got him executed as an alleged heretic. It is also because I desire to identify with Servetus' objective spirit of inquiry and the courage of his convictions.

So, for now until late 2011, if anyone asks me if I am Servetus the Evangelical I will deny it. Let's see if I can do so and keep a poker face.

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