The Buzz

Here is what people were saying about Servetus the Evangelical and his book before he revealed his identity as Kermit Zarley. Some of it is rather humorous, so you might enjoy this buzz. Sometimes, Servetus the Evangelical responds to a particular post by following it with his own remark.

  • A radio interview of Servetus the Evangelical by Sean Finnegan. 8/26/09
  • A blog asks "Who is Servetus the Evangelical?" 6/23/09
  • Nick Norelli: In the Mail 7/20/09
  • Dr. James White:Playing Games with Divine Truth 8/3/09
  • Dr. James Tabor: Remembering Servetus 8/29/09
  • James White: Nothing new under the sun /7/09
  • My response to Dr. James White, "Foolishly Speaking without Knowledge" 9/15/09
  • Nick Norrelli, "James White on Servetus the Evangelical" 9/7/09
  • "James White Continues to Speak Foolishly" 11/4/09

  • Listen to the radio debates between Kermit and Dr. Michael Brown, on his show "Line of Fire".
    January 12, 2010
    January 13, 2010

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