Michael Servetus

Michael Servetus
was a devout Roman Catholic born of nobility and educated at Paris. At the youthful age of twenty, he wro
te and published the anti-Trinitarian book, On the Errors of the Trinity. Both the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Church deemed it heretical. Consequently, Servetus was in danger of being arrested by state-church authorities and either imprisoned or executed as an alleged heretic.

Servetus was a brilliant man who excelled as a linguist, editor, translator of classics, biblical exegete, and theologian. He was also briefly a university mathematics professor, inventor, and pioneer in geography. To avoid religious persecution, Servetus became a physician, changed his name to Dr. Michel de Villeneuve, and had a successful medical practice for many years in Vienna. He discovered and wrote about the pulmonary circulation of the blood a century before it was recognized by the medical community. Some historians regard this as his greatest achievement.

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