The Pseudonym

Why have I used the pseudonym Servetus the Evangelical for my book, The Restitution of Jesus Christ? I have been an Evangelical Christian all of my adult life. I have chosen Servetus' name as part of my pseudonym because I agree with several major teachings he believed that got him executed as an alleged heretic. It is also because I desire to identify with Servetus' objective spirit of inquiry as well as the courage of his convictions. I believe Michael Servetus was a genuine Christian.

Why do I have a pseudonym for this book? And why did I keep these christological beliefs mostly a secret for nearly three decades? One reason was that if my fellow Evangelicals had known about them, most would not have accepted me as a genuine Christian, deemed me a heretic or worse, an apostate, and ostracized me from the Evangelical community. I have never desired to leave the Evangelical community. It has been my church home for almost all of my adult life. Yet my plan had always been to go public with these christological beliefs when I finished thjs book.

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