The Buzz

Here is what people were saying about Servetus the Evangelical and his book before he revealed his identity as Kermit Zarley. Some of it is rather humorous, so you might enjoy this buzz. Sometimes, Servetus the Evangelical responds to a particular post by following it with his own remark.

In late April, 2010, Kermit made his first in-person contact with people of like faith in the One God movement (=biblical unitarianism or Christian monotheism) by attending the 19th annual Theological Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. It was hosted by the Atlanta Bible College and conducted by ABC emeritus professor Sir Anthony Buzzard. Kermit was one of the speakers, and there, on April 28, he delivered his first public presentation about only the Father being God, so that Jesus is not God. It was entitled, "Does the Bible Identify Jesus as God?" (46 minutes) In his introduction, he told some stories about his friend Evangelist Billy Graham because they first met at the Atlanta Country Club while Kermit was competing there in the Atlanta Classic.

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