The Tract

The Tract,
The Real Jesus, is a very brief condensation of the book, The Restitution of Jesus Christ. Read this tract by clicking on it below. It will give you a good idea of the book's thesis, some of its arguments, and the primary scriptural passages that are examined thoroughly.

You also can print this tract free, as many copies as you want, and give them out to friends. Simply highlight "The Real Jesus (for printing)" file below and click the Copy command to download it to your computer. This tract is the best advertisement for the book. Website owners and bloggers are welcome to post this tract.

This PDF tract file for printing is set up to print two tracts on both sides of a standard-size, 11"x8.5," sheet of paper in the horizontal (landscape) position. The file will print the front side of two tracts side-by-side on one side of a sheet of paper, and it will print the back side of two tracts side-by-side on the other side of the sheet of paper. Then you cut the paper in half to produce two tracts from one sheet of paper. After that, you fold each tract twice to have a folded tract that measures 5.5"x2.8." This small size is convenient for carrying in a pocket.

Most home printers can't do double-sided printing--automatically turning over the paper and printing on its other side--in a single print job. If you have access to a such a printer--perhaps at your job or with a friend--you can easily print these tracts yourself at only the cost of paper and ink.

However, you can print this tract with your common home printer on standard-size paper, but only one side at a time and thus in two print jobs. To do so click File, click Print, in Subset click the drop-down arrow, select "Odd pages only" to replace the default "All pages in range," in Copies enter the # of copies you want to print (to do a trial run, leave the default # "1"), and click OK. Reinsert the finished printout into the paper tray in the same position it came out of the printer (do not turn it over). Click File, click Print, in Subset click the drop-down arrow, select "Even pages only" to replace "All pages in range," in Copies enter the same # as before, and click OK. Tip for folding tracts: with the front of the tract facing up, place its top right edge on the tract's backside by barely covering the top of the (upside down) capital "T" which begins the paragraph, "Thus, the New Testament ...," and fold it. Then place the tract's bottom snugly against the inside of this fold line and make the final fold.

You also can have a retail copier or printer do this print job for about 9 cents per tract or less. And you can have it printed on higher quality and/or colored paper for slightly more cost. You email them the file or put it on a disk and take it to them. The tract does not have graphics.

The Real Jesus (for reading)

The Real Jesus (for printing)

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