The Contest

When The Restitution of Jesus Christ was published anonymously with my pseudonym, I held a contest on this website to guess my identity as its author. The contest lasted almost 14 months, and I gave clues, usually monthly. Below are the 18 clues I posted. On Monday, November 16, I posted my last clue. It subtly indicated that golf was my favorite sport. Until then, no one had guessed who I was. But early the next day, on Tuesday, there was a flurry of guesses. OnáWednesday, Steve Noel was the first toáguessámy identity, and he told Dr. James White. (White had previously written some blogs on his website, accusing me of being "an apostate.") White then posted it on his website. Due to that post, in the closing hours that day several dozen websites posted the same. A total of about 200 websites announced it.

In establishing The Contest, I explained that the clues would be increasingly more informative. I also said that some of them would be designed to throw participants off the track, yet all clues would be truthful. I purposely gave that last clue thinking that some folks would then guess correctly, which happened prior to the White post. (I then authographed and sent two of my previously published books to all who entered The Contest, guessed right, and said they wanted a prize.) So, CONGRATULATIONS to the twelve winners who entered The Contest and guessed my identity. Here they are, listed in chronological order: Doug Ward (Tuesday, 11/16, at 11:05 AM), Ben Malik, Carlos, Centro Ebenezer, Steve Noel, Patick Biglane, Gene Dylewski, Bassam Zawadi, D. Gayle, Mike Roberts, Dean Furlong, and Ken Cook.áFour winners lived overseas. The two autographed books that I sent them are Palestine Is Coming: The Revival of Ancient Philistia (1990)áand Warrior from Heaven (2009).

Why did I end The Contest nearly two years prior to my announced date of September 29, 2011, the birthday of both me and Michael Servetus? In 2009, I developed a new, patent-pending book format for the publishing industry with the trademark Triangle Book (trianglebook.com). Itáhas a built-inábook stand due to three covers and wire binding. Since I wanted to publish The Restitution of Jesus Christ in this format, which I did, it was necessary for me to reveal my identity.

The clues, below, are in bold print with bracketed explanation about them.

Contest Clues for Identifying Servetus the Evangelicalá

10/08 Very few people know the identity of Servetus the Evangelical.
[Most of my closest friends didn't know.]

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12/08 Servetus the Evangelical has been a born-again, Evangelical Christian all of his adult life.
[Nearly all of my adult life my church home has been an evangelical Bibleáchurch.]

1/09 Servetus the evangelical started attending Sunday School in his youth.
[At ages 5-13, I regularly attended Sunday School at the West Seattle Nazarene Church. My dear uncle, Glenn Butler, pastored it briefly.]

2/09 Servetus the Evangelical was born again when he was a teenager.
[It happened when I was 13 years of age after our Sunday School class memorized ten verses in the New Testament.]

3/09 Servetus the Evangelical's Sunday School teacher led him to Christ.
[Gordy, a student at the University of Washington, led me in private prayer to receive Jesus into my life as my "Lord and Savior."]

4/09 Servetus the Evangelical has been a serious Bible student since his teens.
[At 18 years of age, during the semester break of my freshman year at the University of Houston, I attended a Campus Crusade for Christ retreat in which my new pastor, Bob Thieme, and Hal Lindsey were the two keynote speakers. That first evening I wound up in an allnight prayer vigil with eleven other male students and two Christian workers, one being Jim Hiskey who would become one of my very closest friends. Nothing like that has ever happened to me since. And I hadn't even prayed with people before that. So, I was nervous about the whole affair, yet very sincere about my involvement ináit. During this prayer marathon, we students collectively agreed to choose some vocation for the kingdom of God that we promised to God to pursue for the rest of our lives. When it came my turn in this circle of prayer, I thought about how I had become intensely interested in Hal Lindsey's message delivered just hours earlier, which was about Bible prophecy. So, I promised God that I would be a serious student of Bible prophecy for the rest of my life. Guess what! It happened. I now have three books published on eschatology.]

5/09 Servetus the Evangelical was water baptized as an adult.
[When I was about 30 years old, I told Jim Hiskey that I had never been water baptized and that I wanted to do so at our PGA Tour Bible Study.áThat had never been done before, and I'm not aware that has been done since. Of course, like most of the participants in this group, I also had a home church. But most of my closest Christian friends were my fellow pro golfers and their wives who regularly attended this group. So, Rik and Cindy Massengale and I were baptized at Palm Springs, California, during the week of the Bob Hope Desert Classic immediately following the Bible Study meeting. It was held in a private home, and Jim Hiskey and Mike Smith baptized us in the swimming pool there asáthe final activity of the group that evening.]